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Scam site

Scam site in my opinion. Don’t waste your time or money.

suzettelodewyckx - December 30, 2019
It useless

Do not waste your money the website does not work most of the time when it does it generates storage links and messages, it useless

eliasakin117 - December 29, 2019
They have a no refund policy

They have a no refund policy. So be careful people. Don’t waste your time an money. This site has to be borderline fraud

rethaburn51 - December 29, 2019
This Site is run by nothing but a robot

This Site is run by nothing but a robot, all the alleged Persons on the site are Fake and miss leading information, do don’t join do not pay any moneys do not even register.

brentonchun110 - December 28, 2019
Bunch of crooks

This company is a fraudulent ignorant bunch of crooks ! Continually charging renewal fees for a service I’m not subscribed to.

annfga59254 - December 27, 2019
Keep away from it

Paying is easy but try and cancel your subscribtion is near on impossible as As soon as you try the app locks up.Keep away from it

patbryce499341 - December 27, 2019
Total waste

Total waste. Kicking myself for wasting money on 3 month subscription.

angelinaperrone - December 27, 2019
Crap app

You cannot message anyone or read messages or use this application unless you pay! Crap app! Not spending my money without a probationary trial period first!

finleyvanderpool - December 26, 2019
I want my money back!

Second dating app I’ve used and it is simply a confusing money-making ripoff. The messaging within the app appears to be one way only. I liked someone as was told they liked me. I messaged them and d…. More

priwilliam - December 26, 2019
This site is a shocker

This site is a shocker. Easy to get on it for a trail then you can’t get off. They won’t refund my money I’ll need to get a new credit card to stop payments coming out which I haven’t agreed too. …. More

cheapbuygames1979 - December 26, 2019
Don't waste your money

Don’t waste your money, go to a bar or club instead, at least you can have a drink costing less than this!!

jodiey0411565 - December 26, 2019
Dont waste your money

Dont waste your money. Some messages I received were not real.

cecil592379194 - December 26, 2019