10 Relationship Goals to Strengthen Your Love

Any 10 Relationship Goals, no matter how strong it is, needs nurturing, reminds licensed clinical social worker Diana Gasperoni. “You need a plan to keep your relationship alive, so it goes the distance,” she shares. “You want to recommit to loving that person all the time so the relationship doesn’t become numb.

One of the best ways to do that is to have relationship goals. They can cover any topic you care about as a couple. Maybe you want to have sex more often or spice things up in the bedroom? Maybe you want to save enough money to move into a dream home or go on an exotic vacation once a year?

If you are in a committed relationship you can set goals Lovinga at any stage, whether you’ve been together for three months or 10 years. Take time to brainstorm individually and as a couple about what you want and then write down your goals. Make sure to update them as your relationship progresses.

It’s also important to make time to check in with one another about how you are doing in achieving your objectives. “I have this one patient right now who has a dinner once a month as a check-in,” shares Gasperoni. “They talk about where they both are in their personal growth and well-being and how they are feeling about one another. Are their needs getting met? How do they feel? As a result, there isn’t a lot of tension in their relationship. And they don’t just talk about the bad stuff. They also talk about the positive growth they’ve made.”

To help you get started on your relationship goals, we’ve created a list of different types of goals to consider. See which ones resonate with you and get started drafting your own list. You’ll be well on your way to having the relationship and life you want.

Emotional Goals

“Emotional goals are how to be close and keep the relationship alive,” explains Gasperoni. “Relationships start with sparks, but then the day-to-day of life takes over, and you have to remember to keep the spark alive. That takes conversations with your partner.” Here are a few examples of emotional goals you can set.

Find a Way to Connect Every Day

Even on your busiest days, find a time to really connect with one another. That can mean spending five minutes to talk over dinner about the highs Lovinga.Com and lows of your day. Or sending a text once a day asking how the person is feeling. At the end of every day, “Ask yourselves if we had some type of connection today where we learned about what was going on in the mind of the other person.”

Learn Something New About Each Other Each Week

If you’ve been together for years you may think you know everything there is to know about your partner. But people are deep and complicated, and there are always surprises and new things to learn. Every week find a way to learn something new. You can buy a set of questions or draft them yourselves. “You can even ask [Amazon’s] Alexa if she has a question for you both to answer like trivia,” suggests Gasperoni.

10 Relationship Goals to Strengthen Your Love 2022

Schedule Regular Check-Ins That You Don’t Miss – 10 Relationship Goals

Schedule time to really check in with each other emotionally. This can be a monthly dinner or a vacation once a year. Come to this event prepared to tell each other all the good and bad feelings you’ve been having. “You can either sort through your list of grievances and also share the positive things that are happening between the two of you.” This way, nothing will get swept under the rug and you can keep renewing your spark.

Sex Goals

Sex is a tricky subject for many couples, admits Gasperoni. “It’s easy to think every other couple is having sex all the time, but that’s not true. The only goal is for both partners to feel sexually satisfied and that you talk about it.” Here are some sex-related goals you can make with your partner.

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Have Sex a Certain Number of Times Each Week – 10 Relationship Goals

Everyone has different sex drives, and for some individuals, it’s important for them to have regular, constant sex. Discuss as a couple how much sex feels good. “Some couples will go a lifetime and have sex two or three times a week, and other couples will have sex every three months,” she shares. “It’s all OK. What matters is how much sex is really good for both people.” Come up with a number and stick to it even if you are tired or busy. Hold one another accountable.

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