At Elite Singles, we know that finding exactly the right Romantic Dates date spot in Miami can be difficult. When you date exceptional, successful, and intelligent people, they will probably expect a little more than a couple of cocktails in South Beach!

Going out to dinner is also not always a good option. Sure, Miami has plenty of great restaurants, but what could be more predictable and sterile than an awkward dinner at a mainstream restaurant? We’ve all been in situations like that. To help you succeed in your romantic quest, here are some Miami date ideas that we’re sure to impress any of the Miami singles you meet on our site.

  1. Host a Spa Weekend on Fisher Island.

Spa sessions are something everyone can benefit from, but especially busy professionals. Men and women alike can ease their work-life worries at many Miami-area spas, but how many of them actually make for great Miami date ideas? Instead of heading to a downtown Miami hotel, visit Fisher Island. Accessible only by boat, the Fisher Island Club has cabins for rent and full spa facilities. Its exclusive clientele will suit the most elite of singles, while the on-site massage and sauna facilities will keep you both completely relaxed throughout your date.

  1. Enjoy a Visual Feast at The Perez Art Museum.

Art and romance naturally go together. How many couples have been brought together by a shared passion for Velázquez or the old Dutch masters? Miami may not be Paris, but the city offers a number of artistic date ideas. One of the most romantic things to do in Miami is to plan a visit to the Pérez Art Museum. While the modern art collection is outstanding, you might also consider joining some of their adult art workshops, which allow you and your date to explore your artistic side with professional artists. Even if romance doesn’t blossom, at least you’ll get a personal masterpiece! YourChristianDate.com

  1. Reserve Tickets for The Florida Grand Opera.

Although Miami is best known throughout the United States for its hip-hop and Latin music, the city also has a thriving opera scene. The Florida Grand Opera has been in existence since 1941, making it the seventh oldest opera company in the United States. Today, the company presents iconic operas by Bizet, Verdi and other musical giants at the conveniently located Miami-Dade County Adrienne Arsht Centre for the Performing Arts. You can even reserve a pair of fancy opera glasses to give your date the best possible view of the action…


  1. Bond With Gourmet Food by Booking Some Cooking Classes. – Romantic Dates

Food is something that brings everyone together, Romantic Dates and there aren’t many things more romantic than cooking a gourmet meal for the person you love. If food is your passion, why not introduce your date to the Naked Bite? Naked Bite, the brainchild of local chef Amber Antonelli, is Miami’s number one place to learn how to cook vegetarian feasts. They will provide the ingredients, recipes, and an expert chef who can cater to your home and provide a completely private cooking class for you and your date. Learn how to create healthy and delicious vegetarian meals, enjoy a home-cooked meal, and have a great opportunity to connect with one another as your dishes take shape. YourChristianDate

  1. Go Riding at The Miami Equestrian Centre. – Romantic Dates

Many people enjoy horseback riding, horseback riding is a wonderfully relaxing way to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you grew up with them or not, who doesn’t love horses? There’s a good chance your date is interested. If so, hosting a jumping class at the Miami Equestrian Centre could be the ideal date. Alternatively, you can rent horses in Fort Pierce, a short drive north of Miami. It’s hard to imagine anything more romantic than saddling up and riding your horse along the beach as the sun sets in the distance.

  1. See a Ballet Performance. – Romantic Dates

When you meet refined or intelligent singles with us, it’s understandable that you want to find a date that satisfies your cerebral side. Find out if they are passionate about ballet; the grace, control and sheer beauty of ballet is often adored by exceptional people. And if you’re looking for romantic things to do in Miami, check out the schedule at the Miami City Ballet. Under the tutelage of artistic  Romantic Dates director Lourdes López, the city’s ballet company is building a reputation for its avant-garde style and adventurous interpretations of popular works. If they’re not on tour, take your date to Miami Beach to share their magnificent art and ignite your romance as the artists weave their beautiful patterns.

  1. Consider More Dramatic Miami Date Ideas… Book Some Theatre Tickets.

Why not share the magic of theatre with your date? Miami is fortunate to be home to a variety of different businesses at locations throughout the city. If you want to see high-quality performances without cheap effects and want to avoid crowd-pleasing Broadway shows, Actors Playhouse is the company to see. Based at the Miracle Theater in Coral Gables, the Playhouse has an ever-changing schedule of events, from well-known musicals to works by unknown local talent. Feel free to look around though, as the city is packed with other businesses. Some of the best include the Jerry Herman Ring Theater (based at the University of Miami) and the Miami Light Project (performing out of a Wynnewood warehouse).

  1. Make a Connection About a Shared Love of Classical Music.

We’ve already suggested you take your date to the Florida Grand Opera, but the splendor and bombast of opera isn’t for everyone. More sensitive souls may prefer to join in the chords of Mozart or Schubert performed by The orchestra plays in venues as diverse as Doral Park and the Knight Concert Hall, so there should be a performance near you at some point. However, make sure you pick the right part; A symphony can be sublime and overwhelming, but it may not melt your date’s heart. There are few things more romantic to do in Miami than listen to a soothing piano sonata or aria, so keep this in mind!

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