Feminism Does Not Exist in A Healthy Relationship

A Healthy Relationship the way people say? Do women really rule men? Why does feminism not exist in a healthy relationship! The more I observe the world today, the more often I stop taking it seriously. For example, when it comes to perceiving a woman and a man as a couple. Are you not puzzled by a few myths that prevail about both sexes? So why do we upset our loved one by saying who rules the house? Why are we trying to prove that we consider feminism in a healthy relationship to be correct, even though we do completely different in four walls?

First of all – it is not Appropriate!

A woman in a male-female relationship is perceived as a voice of reason who can control the situation. Friends among themselves, and sometimes even in the presence of men, mock us, calling us eternal children, a weak sex who would not be able to cope with even a few tasks. Recently, I often come across the phrase “if it weren’t for women …”. He goes against men when the topic of household chores or DilMil.co shopping begins.

When it comes to assessing women, it is also not nice. I often hear that a woman is perpetually dramatic, when she makes up her mind like a little child, and when she crashes a car, she has a grudge that a man cannot repair, but such an expert. He matches women when parking a car or comparing a woman shopping to magpies flying to everything that glitters.

As people, we like to compare each other, which is not always the case. We subconsciously know that women are better at certain issues and men are better at others. Thanks to this, we need each other and we can support each other. In my opinion, this is how nature has shaped us, which we absolutely should not change. Thanks to these differences, the relationship is not boring, but full of dynamics.

We are trying to influence this in official thinking, but not in reality. We would like to forcefully change people’s perception of relationships. It is said that feminism is obligatory in a healthy relationship. Women have no problem dealing with tools, and men have to wash, cook and bathe children. In fact, it’s the old way. Within four walls, women take care of household chores with the help of men, and men ask for support when their hands are insufficient.

Feminism in a healthy relationship or a healthy approach

Feminism defends the arguments that a woman is able to cope with everything. Often, in their arguments, men are accused of having died without women after a few days. The truth is completely different because men make decisions differently, and although they can’t handle everything, they’ll survive in their own way, but they will. The same goes for women, they might not replace the engine in their car, but if there was a problem, they would find a solution. I have heard many times that the DilMil bachelor’s apartment is dirty, it lacks order and the fridge is full of fast food. It is neat next to the woman, colorful curtains are hanging, and in the refrigerator even milk has its place.

Feminism Does Not Exist in A Healthy Relationship

The problem is that it’s not because it suits the man, but because he agrees to spare himself arguing. For me and many of my friends, it does not matter whether the apartment has curtains and books neatly placed on the shelf. The milk may be in the fridge door or on the shelf. It makes no difference to me if the apartment has carpets or you can just see the panels.

Whenever I was little, I wondered why my mom would hang the curtains and when she asks me to this day if they are evenly hung, I answer – sure, you hung it nicely, it’s great– although frankly speaking, there might not be any at all. I don’t understand why he always devotes his time to it, but everyone has their own reasons that we don’t need to understand. I do not go into what the purpose of washing and cleaning items in boxes all year round every Christmas, but who will. This is the difference in thinking between the sexes.

Each of us is different – A Healthy Relationship

Similarly, women struggle with their heads. Why does a man keep so many tools when he doesn’t use them? Why are we passionate about watching football? We sit so much by the car when everything works in it? Each of us has our own rules, way of spending time and order. I often hear women (regardless of age) say that they don’t allow themselves to do something, and men have nothing to say.

Only the truth is that it stops talking. Feminism in a healthy relationship does not exist in the way that some individuals would like it to. The man does not get into the interior of the apartment, he does not accuse the woman of being better able to raise children. A man has his requirements, and so does a woman. The woman does not instruct the man which screws should be used for what repairs and does not impose which tools to use. It is worth reading ” Women with whom it is worth building a relationship “.

Everyone knows their place – A Healthy Relationship

Out of curiosity, I brought up this topic with my older siblings, talked to my uncle and a few other people. To be sure, I watched the lives of those relationships I visited often enough to judge the situation. Everyone knows where his place is. Many women are outraged about parenting and sharing responsibilities, and a healthy relationship is as it should be. In a real home, a woman naturally raises her child and takes care of order, although she says to others that her home has equal rights, etc. A man will occasionally change things, and most often come back tired after work and take care of technical matters.

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I was most surprised when the woman who was most indignant and cast out feminist views had a traditional life within the four walls. The husband works, she works with the children, he will shop after work, she will cook it. Without much grimacing with his nose that there should be something. When I talked to them quite honestly, they said outright that people talk because sometimes they have to exalt themselves and show the side they want to be seen from. In fact, the woman does not impose on the man what to do, but the partner on the partner. They just live, respect each other and know where each of them takes place.

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