How to Flirt on WhatsApp: Tricks and Personal Experience

How to Flirt on WhatsApp: Tricks and Personal Experience. The  WhatsApp messaging app is still the most used by everyone, despite the company’s more than questionable privacy policies. Thanks to its easy handling and the fact that it is free, people use it daily for leisure or work purposes and of course it can also be used for the purpose of  flirting .

First Steps to Flirt by WhatsApp

To start  flirting on WhatsApp , the first thing you should be clear about is who you want to contact and, if you don’t have their number, think about how you can get it without YourLatinMates looking like a private detective. I do not recommend using Whatsapp to flirt. If that person does not know you at all since it is most likely. That they will block your number and you will not be able to communicate again.

It has happened to me a few times and I have preferred to move on to more conservative methods. It may work for someone, but to give a simile. Trying to flirt on WhatsApp with someone you don’t know anything about is similar to doing a commercial behind the scenes. To overcome this hurdle, it is interesting to have a super attractive. Profile picture and an effective icebreaker method, but even then it is not easy.

Make sure that the person you are addressing is single or receptive to new friends. That you have something in common. If she knows you little or nothing but you tell her: “I’m a friend of Sonia, your classmate” you already have something in common with which you can start talking.

How to Flirt on WhatsApp Tricks and Personal Experience

Once you get the number of the person you are interested in. You must have a  proper profile photo. That is, try to put your best image, in which you come out more favored. Because a good first impression is always important.

WhatsApp Stories

In the  profile picture you should look like someone interesting and happy. If you take care of your body, you can also use that to flirt. But without being too explicit, just put a photo that shows how well worked your body is, but without showing anything.

WhatsApp stories  or  statuses are  another very important point. These work in such a way that you post a photo and it disappears after 24 hours. To get your crush’s attention, YourLatinMates.Com try posting pictures or videos that you think they might like. For example, if the girl you like is a fan of swimming, upload a photo practicing that sport and it is almost certain. That she will answer you when she sees that you have common tastes and that you share hobbies.

When you start talking, try to keep the conversation flowing and  bring up topics of conversation . I have a pretty bad memory so. What I used to do was write down on a post-it some of the possible topics of conversation. That I could use. In this way, little by little you will gain their trust. And who knows if you will be able to have a date in the future. It is very important that you care about this person and feel that you are interested in them. But without reaching the point of being a slimy one.

At first, it happens that when you have been talking to a person for a short time. Some messages can be misunderstood. Therefore, it is better that you read the message several times before answering. Because that person may not have responded to you the way you think he has. It’s best to avoid slip-ups if possible, especially if a potentially uncomfortable. Topic of conversation like religion or politics comes up.

These are the  first steps that I think you should follow to start. Conquering the person you like so much on WhatsApp. Next, I delve into some of them.

Tips for flirting on WhatsApp

Flirting on WhatsApp is not as easy as it seems, that is why I am going to give you some tips and tricks. That will help you conquer the person you want.

  1. Be nice: being kind and friendly with other people will be very beneficial for others to trust you and feel closer. Being a person willing to help at all times and open to any comment or suggestion has worked especially well for me.
  2. Good conversations: boring and monotonous conversations tire. So try to be original and suggest topics that are interesting for both of you. Any excuse is good to start. You can even use a funny news story you’ve seen. A funny meme or a TikTok video.
  3. Spark messages: It is related to the above. We all like emoticons, audios, images, etc., from time to time send him some emoji or multimedia content that may make him funny. He will like that.
  4. Do not delay in answering: it is not a matter of responding to the second. But do not spend many hours or days without answering. Since that person will think that you are not really interested in meeting them.

Flirting on WhatsApp

  1. Don’t be pushy: messages of ‘good morning’, ‘good night’, ‘how are you?’, etc., are all very well, but nothing in excess is good. Therefore, try not to be too on top of him because he can get overwhelmed and stop talking to you at any time.
  2. Be careful with the spelling: the spell checker can save us from many. But it is also good that you know how to write messages without spelling mistakes yourself. That will show that you are a cultured person and the other person will like it.
  3. Do not invent: do not tell stories that have not really happened or tell him things about yourself that you do not believe yourself. It is best to be sincere and direct so that person does not take surprises later.
  4. Propose plans: If you have been chatting with that person for a few days and you see them receptive. You should propose something to do together. Go out to dinner, shopping, hiking, some fun activity, whatever. If she gives you long, you already know that she doesn’t want anything with you…

These are some of the tips that you can use to flirt on WhatsApp with someone you like. In this way, the other person will surely also be curious to meet you  and who knows if the spark of love between you ends up being born.

My Personal Experience

I have been using the WhatsApp app since it came out and, although I was a bit young at the time, I was already linking up quite a bit through it. It is one more alternative when it comes to meeting someone because it is much closer  and has many more functions that allow you to communicate with the other person in an  easy and fun way .

To  get the number  of the girl I liked, I would first talk to her on Facebook or Instagram and try to get her to give it to me, but without seeming annoying. Other times, he already had the number because we were in a group together or he directly asked for it with some excuse at work.

I have always taken great care of my image, so because  of the profile picture  I have not had many problems, it has gone well for me in that sense. As for the  statuses  or  stories , I’m not one to upload too many things, but I did try from time to time to post something that could catch his attention and, most of the time, it worked.

I have met several girls through WhatsApp and I have met some. In most cases they were girls who had some relationship with me. Co-workers, friends of friends, WhatsApp groups, etc. As I said at the beginning of the article, it is much more difficult if that person does not know you at all, but if you have something in common at least to start talking, it becomes much easier.

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Therefore, it is a tool that I would use to get to know people you already know better and that can serve as a springboard to get a date as soon as things go well. If it is to flirt with new people, I recommend using other methods, such as dating sites like Meetic or Fuego de Vida . Yes, they are not free like WhatsApp, but they have been shown to work very well.

In short,  WhatsApp is a good alternative to flirt, but always with some conditions. Follow  all the tips that I have mentioned before so that the conquest is as simple as possible and never stop looking for love.

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