Do Social Media and Online Dating Really Mix?

Posted On : March 12, 2019

We’ve all been there: A long haul relationship tragically reaches an end. The Talk is followed by the separating of things, inebriated get-your-mind-off-it adventures with companions from And — gulp — the inescapable Facebook status switch-a-room back to single. It’s at that time that you wish you could look Zuck straight in the face and state how could you! While dramatically hitting the erase button for you.

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Social Media and Online Dating Really Mix

Be that as it may, we never actually do. Our dater selves have moved toward becoming completely intertwined with our social selves; we post pictures of our significant others, tweet about the endowments they give us and register with rested-tirades while on dates with them. Everyone in your network is presented to who you’re dating. How serious it is, and even how you feel about that person — for better or more awful. We’ve acknowledged that the two are currently one.

Online dating locales are capitalizing on the pattern at a quick pace. OkCupid gives you a chance to tweet out a connection to your profile from the site, allowing everyone who follows you on Twitter to see. Where we once lowered our voices and whispered to just our closest companions about joining, we’re currently glad to blog, update and caution everyone that truly, I am on eHarmony — and Plenty of Fish, and Zoosk…

Online Dating Start to Merge

In any case, shouldn’t something be said about the different way? How energetic would we say we are to impart our social selves to potential dates? OK let someone you’re interested in perusing your Twitter feed? See your Foursquare check-ins? It’s the following logical venture in blurring the lines. As online social networking and online dating start to merge, one won’t be without the other. Let it be known: You’re Googling, Facebooking and Twitter-stalking potential dates anyways — why not have that information surfaced for you in a split second while perusing an online dating profile?

For the present, dating destinations like and social networks will remain superficially separated, and likely will remain so for quite a while. We like to be deceived into thinking they’re still distinct entities. Be that as it may, peripherally they’re creeping into one another’s digital space. Is your digital self prepared?


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