Asiandate is scammers, liars, and thieves

My title reflects the people you will find involved with this site. I lost money because I was fooled by these liars. They never delivered that they said they would. Do not waste your time and money on this, unless you just want to look at pretty pictures or you feel so lonely that you will agree to pay extremely high costs to chat to a stranger who is not the same as the photo. For your money, that is all you will get. These people (all anastasia web sites) are evil because they never ever ever stop lying. I have absolutely no doubt that the positive reviews given here, are more lies, planted to bolster the ratings. Compare those positive reviews. You will see that they lack details. They are vague and come off like a cheesy advertisement. Then when you read the negative reviews it is obvious these men have true terrible experiences. They provide details of their pain and disappointment. Do not be misled by the liars, you will never get for your money what they advertise.

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