Avoid Avoid avoid.

Thus site is a complete scam. They have very intelligent software to block you passing on your personal details to the women to get off the site and chat freely between yourselves. The aim and purpose of a dating site is to connect two people who may have a chance of longer term relationship? If so why block you actually getting in contact with each other at a place of your own choosing – if not to lock you into the platform and continually rip you off. It will cost you around $5 to 7$ just to open an email and the same for each picture you want to send to your contact. All your emails are monitored and sanitised. There is no real privacy. They seem to use good looking models to rope you in to using it. Phone calls direct to the girls via the site are about $50 for 6 minutes. Total $#*!ing scam being ran out of Hong Kong. Avoid Avoid avoid.

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