Big Scam by russianbrides

They do not take credit card because it is harder to scam credit cards. They filter your notes to potential contacts and then they mask your contact info. so both sides are unable to exchange info. to connect outside the Brides site. It seem many of the women are on commission with the site owners who drum up business by enticing men/women to keep paying the site to exchange info. between them. If you pay with PayPal or other difficult to challenge venues, you might never see your money again.

Asiandate is scammers, liars, and thieves

My title reflects the people you will find involved with this site. I lost money because I was fooled by these liars. They never delivered that they said they would. Do not waste your time and money on this, unless you just want to look at pretty pictures or you feel so lonely that you will agree to pay extremely high costs to chat to a stranger who is not the same as the photo. For your money, that is all you will get. These people (all anastasia web sites) are evil because they never ever ever stop lying. I have absolutely no doubt that the positive reviews given here, are more lies, planted to bolster the ratings. Compare those positive reviews. You will see that they lack details. They are vague and come off like a cheesy advertisement. Then when you read the negative reviews it is obvious these men have true terrible experiences. They provide details of their pain and disappointment. Do not be misled by the liars, you will never get for your money what they advertise. is bad.

This site is bad. Most man are scammer and conartist. Women who goes on this site should do background check before you date. I dated conartist who tried to rip me off.

Elitesingles is Terrible. Rip off!

I saw the TV commercial and thought this site may be different than other online dating sites so I signed up for 3 months on a promotional rate. It’s different all right. So far I am very disappointed with the service. I get matches but many live 100 or more miles away from me. What’s the point of my telling them what is the distance I am searching for. The few matches I have received are totally not what I want, physically and occupationally. I think many do not have a college degree. I have turned off the auto renewal and my membership should end in 3 months. I hope I won’t have trouble with them charging my credit card even though I cancelled the auto renewal. I will monitor my credit card closely.

Scam Scam Scam

AsiaCharm belongs to the Victoria Hearts group and is a scam designed to relieve you of your money. Do NOT under any circumstances give this site any of your money.

I spent in anastasiadate 2000 eyro for joke

I spent in this site 2000 eyro for joke,its very fraut ,lier and thief people and company,they want only money the ladies and not to meet somebody men for dear men if you want to saved the money from this site,dont use only,its the most useless things to make in my life to use this site.

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