The purpose of serious dating on the Internet is a real relationship. Real Meeting With a Foreigner help to understand whether a joint future is possible for a couple who met on an international dating site. The very first meeting plays a special role: it helps to understand whether the feelings that arose during remote communication turned out to be an illusion. After all, often when we really want something and look forward to it, we tend to idealize the situation, review our reaction (we think that we will certainly like a foreigner in real life) and the person himself.

There are three possibilities for organizing the first meeting with a foreigner: a man arrives in the city where the woman lives; a woman visits a man in his country of residence; man and woman meet at the resort. For the organization of the first meeting, we do not recommend the last two options: a trip to a man and a joint vacation.

A Real Relationship – Meeting With a Foreigner

The willingness of ladies to invest money in the first meeting with a foreigner is quite low. And men, in turn, have doubts and are afraid of being deceived when it comes to financing a trip for a lady they met on an international dating site. Recall that one of the most common fraud schemes on the Internet is paying for a trip for a pretty stranger who is ready to come to a man to get acquainted. After the first meeting took place, and both were convinced, and the doubts associated with them cease to influence decision-making.

In consequence of the above reasons, we advise you to choose the following option for the first meeting: a foreigner comes to the country of a woman to get acquainted.

On the pages of our blog for men we try to explain to them why it is so important for the first meeting to come to a woman. Many men understand this and are ready to make a trip if they meet a really serious woman ** who will cause not only sympathy, but also trust. YourLatinMates However, there are exceptions – men who are not ready to make a trip to Eastern Europe.


Developing Relations – Meeting With a Foreigner

We would like to note that if a woman is really dear to a man. If he is interested in developing relations with her, he is ready to come . The rest is excuses, disinterest and hidden unwillingness to take serious steps. A man who is afraid of something or finds reasons is better to forget and not worry about him. If he is not ready for men’s actions at the beginning of a relationship. He will not be ready for them in the future.

Tips for organizing a first meeting with a foreigner

  • We advise you to meet the man at the airport upon arrival. For a foreigner who does not speak Russian and has no experience of traveling to Eastern Europe, it will be very difficult to get to the hotel on his own. Meeting at the airport is a manifestation of care on the part of a woman.
  • A man must book a hotel room for himself. There are men who would like to save money on hotel accommodation and, for this reason. Ask if they could spend the night in a woman’s apartment. It’s not worth getting to know each other so closely. At the first meeting, everyone should have. Their own personal space. After all, the following situation may arise: having met at the airport, having spent several hours or days together. You will come to the conclusion that you did not like each other. If a man does not have a hotel room booked, he and the woman will find themselves in an awkward situation. To avoid this, it will be much easier for a man and a woman to initially plan a separate residence. He is at the hotel and she is at home.
  • Avoid shopping with a man (unless it’s a souvenir shop). It won’t make a good impression. After all, every man wants to be love for who he is, not for the gifts he can give. His material well-being has nothing to do with disinterested, pure feelings, which are the key to a sincere relationship.
  • Be proactive/ready to pay for small things like your own portion of a restaurant bill or a taxi from the airport to your hotel.
  • Do what you would like done to you, namely. Do not leave a foreigner you don’t like to fend for yourself. Unfortunately. There are cases when a foreign man did not make a proper impression on. A woman and was “abandon” to the mercy of fate in a foreign country. Without knowing the language. Women, in such cases, “urgently” had to go to the hairdresser. After that there were other “important things”, and the foreigner was left alone in a city unfamiliar to him. If you don’t like a man, and this can happen and you need to be prepare for this. Do with him in good conscience. Treat him like a good friend. After all, he came only for you! Show him the city, spend the scheduled time with him. Don’t leave him! It is enough to calmly explain. That, unfortunately, sympathy did not arise and this meeting was the first and last. Think about it

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  • Be prepare to compromise. If you live in a remote locality. That is not easy or impossible to get to by plane. It is better to arrange a meeting in another large city. That a man can easily get to. For example, in the capital. You can pre-book two rooms in. The same hotel (as noted above, during the first meeting it is better. That everyone has their own personal space), pick up convenient flights so. That you both arrive at the same airport, meet there, and after that go to the hotel together.

In conclusion, we present official information about the trips of German citizens to Eastern Europe. As of 2017: German citizens require. A visa to travel to Russia and Belarus (for a stay of up to 5 days in Belarus. A visa is not require). A trip to Kazakhstan (stay up to 30 days) and Ukraine (stay up to 90 days) does not require a visa.

Meeting in a resort place has one advantage: if a man and a woman do not like each other. They can easily explain themselves, say goodbye and everyone will continue their vacation.

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